Those pesky FAVICONS!

Baaaggghhh! ever web app with even moderate complexity should have something like this… well at least it should if you have a controller script which handles everything below ‘/’ in the URL…

This function sends a zero-length favicon header and bails so that the entire WordPress core isnโ€™t loaded when just a favicon is requested


Okay. We’re finished now.

We have everything we need. No need to keep coming up with new stuff in the field of web design and development. This is the last tutorial you will ever need. It’s by the first web designer who ever lived and he has completed the learning of all the knowledge there is to learn about web design. Luckily, he has distilled all that knowledge down into a 1 hour video recording.

The world is an amazing place is it not ๐Ÿ™‚

I need to find a way to put the first ten seconds of this video in a loop. It’s SUPER GOOD!

Maybe I’ll watch it and then come back and do a review that will commence after this sentence.

Did you know that blog posts, being inanimate virtual objects, have no concept of time – despite their authors putting a bit of text on them which represents something that means time to them. Just a bit of trivia for you….

Okay so the review will come after the sentence after this one… If this is the last sentence, then you know I didn’t do a review.

Are we normal yet?

I’ve just had another “I’ve just crawled out from under a rock” moments…

…with the discovery of NORMALIZE.CSS!

You know the above video is completely unnecessary. But I like videos, so I think I’m gonna get in the habit of including them even when they are border-lining on irrelevancy ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay I just watched the above video and I realised that I have crawled out from onder one rock only to realise the rock I was under was itself under a bigger rock!


Nicholas is FAMOUS you know :O

I love a crash course

I assume all busy minds do … even if they’re not that busy … Well it’s time for dinosours to change their spots. I’m gonna read the following article and get back to with an opinion about the article…

Okay I’m back… they lied… I got the impression that the one page was a crash course. It wasn’t. It was an introduction to an epic multi-page tome.ย  Well… some may see that as an exaduration. But I’m describing how I feel here.

I think I’m just gonna have to wing it… you know what they say about the 80-20 principle?

If you do, let me know.

ps. the built-in firefox spelling dictionary does not have the word ‘exaduration’ in it. Why is that??? I swear I spelt that correctly. It must be one of those words tagged for deletion by ‘the system’. I wouldn’t have a klue.